Chávez: un hombre que anda por ahí
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Una entrevista con Hugo Chávez por Aleida Guevara
Hugo Chávez with Aleida Guevara
Spanish language
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Una singular entrevista con Hugo Chávez, el carismático presidente venezolano, y el proceso bolivariano de reconstrucción social.

In this extraordinary encounter with Che Guevara's daughter, Aleida Guevara, President Chávez explains his fiercely nationalist vision for Venezuela and his dream of a united Latin America; Venezuela's new democratic constitution; and his country's relations with the United States and Cuba. Read more »
Rosa Luxemburgo
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Vidas Rebeldes
Edited by Néstor Kohan
Spanish language
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La obra de Rosa, su pensamiento marxista, su ética revolucionaria y ejemplo de vida, continúan vivos.

A brilliant leader, recognized for her sharp critique of global capitalism and its drive to war, Rosa Luxemburg was one of the outstanding Marxists of the 20th century. She played a central role in the working class and radical movements of both Poland and Germany before she was assassinated in 1919. Read more »
Tania la guerrillera
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Y la epopeya suramericana del Che
Ulises Estrada
Spanish language
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La historia de la extraordinaria mujer que peleó junto al Che Guevara en Bolivia, paradigma de la rebeldía.

Tania was born in Argentina in 1937, the daughter of German Jewish refugees. She became one of Cuba's most successful agents in Latin America, penetrating Bolivia's highest political circles. When her cover was blown, she joined Che Guevara's guerrilla group, but was killed in an ambush in August 1967. Read more »