Che & Fidel
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Images from history
Introduced and compiled by Aleida March

A photographic testimony to the extraordinary bond that existed between two extraordinary individuals, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

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Diary of a Combatant
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The diary of the revolution that made Che a legend
Ernesto Che Guevara
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This is the never-before published diary that Che Guevara kept during the revolutionary war in Cuba’s Sierra Maestra after he joined Fidel Castro in the struggle to overthrow the Batista dictatorship that led to the 1959 revolution. Read more »
Remembering Che
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My life with Che Guevara
Aleida March
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Che Guevara’s partner remembers a great revolutionary romance tragically cut short by Che’s assassination in Bolivia. Read more »
The Strategic Victory
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The War against Batista in the Sierra Maestra
Fidel Castro
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Here at last is the first volume in Fidel Castro’s long-awaited memoir, a project he has been working on since he retired from public office in 2006. Opening with an extensive chapter on his childhood and youth, this is Fidel Castro’s never-before published account of the guerrilla movement that led to the Cuban revolution in 1959. Read more »
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Why the Illegal US Base Should Be Returned to Cuba
Fidel Castro
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Fidel Castro puts the case to close the illegal base remaining on Cuban territory, not just the prison. Read more »
Cuba: A History
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Sergio Guerra Vilaboy
Oscar Loyola Vega
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Beginning with the pre-Hispanic period, through to Cuba’s struggle to maintain the revolution in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and finally ending with Fidel Castro’s decision to step down in 2008, this slim volume provides the reader with an overview of the history and politics of the tiny Caribbean island that so often has been at the center of world events. Read more »
The Mafia in Havana
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A Caribbean mob story
Enrique Cirules
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Here is a vibrant picture of the Mafia’s Caribbean empire when Havana was the playground of the rich and infamous. With a novelistic eye for detail and drama, prize-winning author Enrique Cirules presents a shockingly glamorous and fantastically seedy picture of the world of Sinatra and the showgirls, mambo and marijuana, corrupt cops and politicians, run by shady characters like “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky. Read more »
Travelers' Tales of Old Cuba
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From Treasure Island to Mafia den
Edited by John Jenkins
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Few places are as fascinating as Cuba, which has drawn travelers ever since it was “discovered” by Columbus in 1492. Magnificently evoking the romance and drama as well as darker episodes of slavery and tyranny, this selection of journal entries, essays and guidebook commentaries begins in the days when Havana sheltered Caribbean pirate treasure ships and was the gateway to the Spanish empire in the New World. Read more »
Cuban Revolution Reader
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A documentary history of Fidel Castro's Revolution
Edited by Julio García Luis
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A timely new book documenting 50 years of the Cuban revolution. Read more »
Fidel Castro Reader
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Edited by David Deutschmann and Deborah Shnookal
Foreword by Felipe Pérez Roque
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At last, a comprehensive anthology of one of the 20th century's most influential political figures and outstanding orators, Fidel Castro. Read more »