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The Peoples of Latin America
Compiled and designed by Rachel Kirby
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Resistance celebrates the dignity and determination of the Latin American peoples in their struggle to defend their land and cultures. Read more »
The Awakening of Latin America
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A classic anthology of Che Guevara’s writing on Latin America
Ernesto Che Guevara
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Selected from his family’s personal archives, this book offers the best of Che’s writing: examples of his journalism, essays, speeches, letters and even his poetry, revealing the evolution of an extraordinary mind from that of an impressionable young medical student to the “heroic guerrilla,” brutally assassinated in Bolivia. Read more »
Obama and the Empire
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New, updated edition
Fidel Castro
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Fidel Castro on Barack Obama, the 11th US president to confront the reality of the Cuban revolution Read more »
Cuban Revolution Reader
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A documentary history of Fidel Castro's Revolution
Edited by Julio García Luis
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A timely new book documenting 50 years of the Cuban revolution. Read more »
Fidel Castro Reader
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Edited by David Deutschmann and Deborah Shnookal
Foreword by Felipe Pérez Roque
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At last, a comprehensive anthology of one of the 20th century's most influential political figures and outstanding orators, Fidel Castro. Read more »
Latin America at the Crossroads
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Domination, crisis, popular movements and political alternatives
Roberto Regalado
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As tension between Latin America and the United States spills on to the world stage, Roberto Regalado provides an incisive analysis of the issues underlying the conflict. Read more »
JFK: The Cuba Files
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The untold story of the plot to kill Kennedy
Fabián Escalante
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Amid continuing speculation over Cuban involvement in the most famous political crime of the 20th century, this book reveals for the first time Cuba's own report into the Kennedy assassination. With compelling logic, Fabián Escalante describes the conspiracy uncovered by Cuba's investigation, which reviewed declassified US files and reports from Cuban intelligence units that had infiltrated anti-Castro groups in Miami. Read more »
Executive Action
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634 ways to kill Fidel Castro
Fabián Escalante
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In a highly readable and informative style, Fabián Escalante reviews over four decades of attempts to kill Fidel Castro—involving weapons which ranged from exploding cigars and poison pens to grenades and bazookas. Read more »
Fidel and Religion
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Fidel Castro in Conversation with Frei Betto on Marxism and Liberation Theology
Fidel Castro and Frei Betto
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The product of an intimate 23-hour dialogue between Fidel Castro and Brazilian liberation theologist Frei Betto, this book represents an extraordinary reconciliation of revolution with religion. Read more »
Cuba and Venezuela
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An insight into two revolutions
Germán Sánchez
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Is Venezuela the new Cuba? What are the similarities and differences between these two revolutionary processes? With Latin America becoming more volatile than it has been for decades, this book addresses the question everyone, both friend and foe of President Chávez, is asking: Is Venezuela taking the Cuban road? Read more »