Capitalism in Crisis

Globalization and world politics today

Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro condemns the impact of neoliberal globalization.


Fidel Castro adds his voice to the growing international chorus against neoliberalism and the globalization of the world economy. He calls for the abolition of the IMF and asks: "Why not seek other formulas and admit that humankind is able to organize itself and its destiny in a more rational and humane manner?"

Fidel Castro also discusses:

  • the danger of a new stock market collapse
  • US cultural hegemony
  • NATO's war in Yugoslavia
  • US "war on drugs" in Latin America
  • the need to democratize the United Nations
  • the catastrophe of capitalist reform in Russia
  • the current state of US-Cuba relations


In the face of the "new world order," Fidel comments: "To endure the global struggle between the super-powers is bad. To live under total hegemonic domination by one of them is worse."

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Library shelves are full of books touting the wonders of globalization; perhaps there should also be room there for a dissenting voice. This volume collects speeches and written messages by Castro over the last two years… Castro has no objection to globalization; in fact, he considers it inevitable. What he objects to is the imposition of neoliberal capitalism in the name of globalization.


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