Che Guevara and the Latin American Revolution

Manuel "Barbarroja" Piñeiro

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Manuel Piñeiro, known as “Barbarroja” (Red Beard), was a figure of great mystery for decades, who oversaw Cuba’s operations in Latin America and Africa and closely collaborated in this work with Che Guevara. Piñeiro first spoke publicly only in 1997, but died in a car crash shortly afterwards.

Here, Piñeiro offers some fascinating insights into Cuba's strategy for Latin America in the 1960s and answers the accusations made by some biographers that Che left Cuba because he was disaffected, and that Fidel Castro abandoned Che when the Bolivia mission began to fail.

To try to reduce Che to a mere cultural symbol is a vulgar oversimplification... Che lives wherever there is a wrong to right and wherever there is a man or woman willing to dedicate their energy, efforts, intelligence, and even their life to the immense task of building a more worthy, humane, better society, and a world of solidarity.

—Manuel "Barbarrojo" Piñeiro

288 pages | ISBN 978-1-920888-46-6