Che Guevara Reader

Writings on politics and revolution

Ernesto Che Guevara

Edited by David Deutschmann

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The bestselling, most comprehensive selection of Che Guevara's writings.

Recognized as one of Time magazine's "icons of the 20th century," Che Guevara became a legend in his own time and has now reemerged as a symbol of a new generation of political activists. Far more than a guerrilla strategist, Che Guevara made a profound and lasting contribution to revolutionary theory and Marxist humanism as demonstrated in this best-selling Reader.

The Che Guevara Reader includes four sections: the Cuban revolutionary war (1956-59), the years in government (1959-65); Guevara's views on the major international struggles of the 1960s; and a new selection of letters.

This is the most authoritative collection to date of Che's work, published in association with the Che Guevara Studies Center, Havana,  and is an unprecedented source of primary material on Cuba and Latin America.

Published in association with the Che Guevara Studies Center, Havana.

The powerful of the earth should take heed: deep inside that T-shirt where we have tried to trap him, the eyes of Che Guevara are still burning with impatience.

—Ariel Dorfman

430 pages | ISBN 978-1-876175-69-6