Cuba by Korda

Alberto Korda

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First publication of the work of the Cuban photographer celebrated for his iconic portrait of Che Guevara


If you don't know his name, you know his photograph—Che staring into the distance like a prophet—that has been reproduced on millions of T-shirts and posters around the world.

Korda always said he didn't mind its use on the ubiquitous revolutionary paraphenalia but finally drew the line in the 1990s when Smirnoff used it for a vodka commercial, which he considered "disrespectful." Since then, countless legal battles and newspaper articles have documented the controversial history of the world's most famous photograph.

This book gives an overview of Korda's extraordinary camerawork, from his first work as a fashion photographer to "The Quixote of the Lamp Post"—a Cuban peasant sitting high above a sea of people during a mass rally in Havana. It includes other somewhat quirky and less well-known photographs, such as Fidel Castro warily eyeing a tiger at the Bronx Zoo and Che Guevara playing golf.

Included in this book are comments by Korda describing the circumstances of some of his photographs, and a reproduction of the proof sheet from which the famous photo of Che was taken.

Alberto Korda was born Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez in Havana, 1928, the same year as Ernesto Che Guevara. Their fates were to be entwined as Korda's portrait of the Argentine became his most famous photograph. Korda was Cuba's best-known photographer of the revolutionary period. He died in Paris in 2001.

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