Executive Action

634 ways to kill Fidel Castro

Fabián Escalante

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Fidel Castro has now survived 10 hostile US presidents and more than 630 assassination plots!

In a highly readable and informative style, Fabián Escalante reviews over four decades of attempts to kill Fidel Castro—involving weapons which ranged from exploding cigars and poison pens to grenades and bazookas. As the former director of Cuban counterintelligence, Escalante played a significant role in frustrating many of these assassination plans, made by the CIA and the Mafia under a project codenamed "Executive Action."

Although melodramatic and at times quite comical, these plots were deadly serious - and illegal, as subsequent US government inquiries such as the 1975 Church Commission concluded.

Fabián Escalante is regarded internationally as a leading authority on US covert operations against Cuba and assassination plots against Fidel Castro. He also directed Cuba's 1978 investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy, initiated at the request of the US congressional committee charged with reexamining the crime. His report into the Kennedy assassination was published recently as JFK: The Cuba Files.

Published as part of the Secret War series.

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Fabián Escalante is in a unique position to add significant insight and information about this crucial chapter of modern history. His review of CIA covert operations against Cuba in the early years is greatly to be welcomed, and should be widely read—and pondered.

—Noam Chomsky

230 pages | ISBN 978-1-920888-72-5