Fidel Castro Reader

Edited by David Deutschmann and Deborah Shnookal

Foreword by Felipe Pérez Roque

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Fidel Castro has been an articulate and penetrating-if controversial-political thinker and leader, who has outlasted 10 hostile US presidents. With the wave of change now sweeping the continent, this book sheds light on Latin America's past as well as its future.

As the first selection of Fidel Castro's speeches to be published since the 1960s, this is an essential resource for both scholars and general readers.

Fidel’s devotion to the word is almost magical.

—Gabriel García Márquez

Fidel’s is a singing and dancing intellect… In Fidel, this passion is expressed in his priestly dedication to revolution.

—Alice Walker

Fidel Castro is a man of the masses… The Cuban revolution has been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people.

—Nelson Mandela

Fidel is the leader of one of the smallest countries in the world, but he has helped to shape the destinies of millions of people across the globe.

—Angela Davis

508 pages + 24 pages b&w photographs | ISBN 978-1-920888-88-6