Why the Illegal US Base Should Be Returned to Cuba

Fidel Castro

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How is it that the large slice of land around Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, seized after the Spanish-American War over 100 years ago, is still held by the United States as a naval base? President Obama has proposed to close the prison for those captured in the “war against terrorism,” but Fidel Castro argues here that the illegal occupation of the territory must end immediately.

This book also features a comprehensive chronology of the base’s history and extensive appendices, including some key historical and recently declassified documents through which Washington has justified its continued occupation of the territory.

There are many desecrations of human rights taking place in our world. Many involve conflicts of great complexity—religious or factional—for which it is immensely difficult to create just solutions. Guantánamo is the outstanding exception. The just solution is simple… the United States must leave Guantánamo unconditionally. Now!

—Noam Chomsky, Nadine Gordimer, Rigoberta Menchu and others

Imagine if after we defeated the British in our revolution, we then let them keep a few thousand troops and a bunch of battleships in New York Harbor. Weird!

—Michael Moore

To keep a military base against the will of our people is a violation of the most elemental principles of international law.

—Fidel Castro

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