Latin America Diaries

“Otra vez” or Once Again: the sequel to “The Motorcycle Diaries”

Ernesto Che Guevara

Foreword by Alberto Granado

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This sequel to The Motorcycle Diaries includes letters, poetry, and journalism that document Ernesto Guevara’s second Latin American journey following his graduation from medical school. After traveling through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Central America, Ernesto witnesses the 1954 US-inspired coup against the democratically elected Árbenz government in Guatemala. He flees to Mexico where he encounters Fidel Castro and the other Cuban revolutionaries, marking the beginning of a political partnership that profoundly changes the world and Che himself.

This new, expanded edition of Che’s diaries has been fully revised especially for Ocean Press by Che’s widow (Aleida March) meticulously correcting her own work of checking Che’s handwriting.

It also includes a prologue by Alberto Granado, Che’s traveling companion in The Motorcycle Diaries and 32 pages of previously unpublished photos, including photos taken by Che’s son Ernesto as he retraced his father’s footsteps.

Published in Spanish by Ocean Sur  as Otra Vez, 978-1-920888-78-7.

A wonderful glimpse into the maturing mind of a great man and a vital companion to the previous Che diaries.

—Michael McCaughan, "Irish Times"

Guevara … chronicles labor uprisings and resistance against the influences and interests of the US and its intelligence operations. Guevara's passions for history, archaeology, and science are also apparent in this absorbing glimpse of the development of a legendary revolutionary figure.

—Vanessa Bush, "Booklist"

This second volume of travel diaries by revolutionary icon Guevara (after "The Motorcycle Diaries") shows the 25-year-old rebel wandering around South America in the latter half of 1953.

—"Publishers Weekly"

180 pages plus 32 pages b/w photos | ISBN 978-0-9804292-7-5