Louise Michel

Rebel Lives

Edited by Nic Maclellan

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Louise Michel was the incendiary French leader of the 1871 Paris Commune. An anarchist and an irrepressible rebel, she spent much of her life on the run from police, in jail, or in danger of being locked away in mental asylums, as was the fate of so many feisty or defiant women.

Known as “The Red Virgin,” Louise was a great character from one of the greatest popular rebellions in history. Here is her own story, along with commentaries about her by Emma Goldman, Bertolt Brecht, Sheila Rowbotham, Howard Zinn, and her contemporaries Victor Hugo and Karl Marx.

Published as part of the REBEL LIVES series.

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Her whole being was illumined by an inner light. One quickly succumbed to the spell of her radiant personality.

—Emma Goldman

120 pages | ISBN 978-1-876175-76-4