Remembering Che

My life with Che Guevara

Aleida March

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This is the story of a great legend and a great love. This is the story of a tenacious but loving woman, who lived through great danger and sorrow with incredible courage and the heart of a rebel.

Forty-five years after Che’s assassination in Bolivia in 1967, his widow and the great love of his life has finally released her memoir of their years together.

They metas fellow guerrillas during the revolutionary war in Cuba and married in June 1959, a few months after the revolution. They had four children together.

Here, with great passion and poignancy, Aleida describes their shared dreams for the future and their family.

This book also includes a remarkable, moving short story Che sent to Aleida from the Congo, Africa.

With poems Che wrote for Aleida, along with unpublished photographs from the family albums, never before have readers been offered such an intimate insight into the man who remains one of the great revolutionary symbols of our time.

ALEIDA MARCH is now the director of the Che Guevara Studies Center (Havana).


SELF PORTRAIT: A Photographic and Literary Memoir by Che Guevara
ISBN 978-1-876175-82-5

CHE: A Memoir by Fidel Castro
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And we will continue together until the road vanishes…

—from a poem Che wrote to Aleida

194 pages plus 100 photos | ISBN 978-0-9870779-3-6